Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Today

By: Robert G. Sieveking, CHT (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Senior issues, emotional conflicts and stress increase in prevalence and seriousness with age.  They are probably the most common issues addressed in Hypnosis.  As we view our life, and the process of aging, from the inside, we see stress doing its’ worst.  We are reminded of two primary “rules of the mind.”  The rule of “Reaction,” states that every thought or idea causes a physical reaction.  If we stew and obsess over a particular thought, idea, incident or event in our life, we will cause a physical manifestation of the emotion.  The second rule that comes to mind is the rule of “Emotional Persistence,” which states that if we persist in an emotionally induced symptom long enough, we tend to cause an organic change.   Can it be that we bring on our own illness?  If the above is true, then it is also possible for us to bring on our own good health, through positive emotional wellbeing and attitudes.

Most senior issues can be directly related to stress.  Stress, like high blood pressure, is a silent killer.  Stress depresses the immune system and robs us of lifes enjoyment.  If we can decrease the stress level, we can naturally enjoy life more, avoid negative feelings of depression, and live a longer, better and healthier life.  A commercial somewhere, used the phrase, “Feel how good it feels to feel good again.”

Stress is a function of our thought patterns and mind-set.  Stress can be caused by any number of life experiences, but they are nearly all related to fear.  Fear of loss, fear of loss of control, fear of ill health, fear of reproof, fear of discovery, fear of failure and fear of success are only a few of these.  In truth, 99.9% of the things we fear most will never happen.  Personally, I have a terrible fear of winning the Lotto.  What will I do?

Stress feeds on inaction.  The best way to relieve and dissolve anxiety and stress is to do something.  If you fear cancer, heart disease or emphysema from smoking, act, quit smoking.  If you have stress over your weight or body condition, act; change your diet and exercise to the extent of your ability.  If you have stress because of something that happened ten – twenty – or thirty years ago, act, release it - get over it and move on.  If your stress is caused by yourself or another, act, let it go - forgive yourself and/or the other person and move on. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy operate in the realm of the mind.  In hypnosis, your mind is free to identify, locate and dissolve most any stress causing thought, idea, incident or event.  This is true.  Not because I say it’s true, but because it is the natural way for your mind to react and heal itself from stress.  Sometimes, our mind experiences stress that we cannot identify or consciously locate.  You might think of this as a lock.  Hypnosis can be the key that allows you to unlock the secret and allow your mind to identify and correct the imbalance or conflict. 

It is as though you’ve been running a race; in a big heavy canvas divers suit, with iron boots and a heavy brass diving helmet, with only three tiny windows.  The divers suit is so much a part of you that you don’t even realize you have it on.  In hypnosis, you can look in the mirror.  Your creative imagination will immediately offer an alternative to your divers suit, and you can be free of the burden.  You made that heavy thing, and you have to unmake it.  Breath the cool fresh air again.  Feel the refreshing breeze on your skin.  Leave the stress behind.  You don’t need it.  Hypnotherapy can be the key.

Robert Sieveking is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  He is the owner of Hypnotherapy Resolutions, at 4249 E. State St. in Rockford.  Ph: 815-226-3800.  See him on the web, at http://www.hypnotherapyresolutions.com/