Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Today

By: Robert G. Sieveking, CHT (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)


Thank you for your questions and comments.  In reference to your’ question, “Can Hypnosis help me do better in school?” To this question I must answer with a definite and resounding “if” and “maybe.” If the teachers teach and motivated students are not distracted from concentrating on their studies, education naturally happens.  If there is desire, on the part of the student, and proper motivated presentation on the part of the teacher, learning is the result. 

The total process of education revolves around lecture and study.  Interruption or failure on either side spells failure for the student.  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be used to increase concentration, diminish the effects of distraction, facilitate memory (recall), overcome test anxiety, and increase motivation and self-confidence. 

Let’s examine each of these “skills” as they apply to the student.  A “skill,” after all is usually acquired through practice and discipline.

Increased concentration can be achieved through “focus.”  Hypnosis is defined as a relaxed state of focused concentration, so what could be more appropriate than a simple form of self-hypnosis that would allow you to completely focus your attention on the instructor, while in class.  If you will simply pay attention in class, you will pick up enough information to get better than a failing mark.  This presupposes that the instructor effectively presents the material.  By focusing your attention on the instructor, the distractions in the classroom become naturally less of a distraction. The ability (skill) to focus your attention or concentrate can be learned in hypnosis.  Reading and study assignments can be accomplished in a shorter time, with better comprehension and retention, by using self-hypnosis to establish focus and diminish distraction. 

Memory is an interesting facility.  Our subconscious mind records everything we see, hear, or experience throughout our lives, almost without exception.  Our conscious mind records the short-term memory items, for immediate use.  We look up a phone number, we dial the phone, and when we begin to talk to the party on the other end of the line, our conscious mind discards the number.  Our subconscious mind has a record of the number, but it may not be available for recall, unless we attach a note of importance or uniqueness to it.  By focusing on a reading assignment, and attaching importance to names and uniqueness to the dates, recall is improved.  Your test scores will skyrocket.

Test anxiety is the “memory destroyer.”  You sit for an examination, and have studied “through the night.”  If you fail, your life will be ruined and you will sink to the depths of degradation.  All of your tomorrows hinge on this one test.  Sweat, running down your forehead, your eyes dart from question to question; anxiety has your stomach in a knot.  Reality Check!  You’re ten years old, and it’s only a spelling test.  A little self-hypnosis to relax from the fear of failure, and boost your self-confidence would make a   world of difference here.   Hypnosis is regularly used by college and graduate students, because it works.

Robert Sieveking is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  He is the owner of Hypnotherapy Resolutions, at 4249 E.State St. in Rockford.  Ph: 815-226-3800.  See him on the web, at http://hypnotherapyresolutions.com/  

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