Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Today

By: Robert G. Sieveking, CHT (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist)


Hypnosis is the key to unlock your mind and change your life.  These are indeed tall words of promise.  The common perception of Hypnotism is one gained by seeing a stage hypnotist, entertainer or late night scary movie.  Most people believe that the hypnotist can weave some secret spell over the victim, which causes them to be “under his power.”  For the movies and paperback novels, this fills seats and sells books but in the real world, it is more imagination than fact.  If it were possible for a hypnotist to force his will on another, he would be able to make all of our children clean their rooms, eat their vegetables and get straight A’s on their report cards.  Hypnosis will not make them do anything they do not want to do, but it is useful in helping them want to accomplish things that they realize will make their lives better, easier and happier.  It will help them imagine themselves in a possible future, which inspires them to perform.  Athletes and performers around the world use Self-Hypnosis to enhance their performance and give themselves a mental edge in their competition and performance.  The high jumper sees himself clearing the bar.  The violinist hears himself playing more smoothly and with greater feeling.  The actress imagines herself in character, to give a performance that is more real.  If the hypnotist can spark the imagination to greater height, the person being hypnotized is “inspired” to greater accomplishment.  The fantastic potential of hypnosis as a primary method of directing our own energies and imaginations into more productive and happy lives is “imaginable.”  If we can imagine, we can accomplish almost anything.  When the smoker sees himself as a non-smoker, he doesn’t have to “quit.”  He easily and simply “becomes a non-smoker.” 

I began smoking cigarettes at the age of about fourteen.  At age fifty-six, I was hypnotized to stop smoking.  “I am now a non-smoker, and will remain a non-smoker for the rest of my healthy life.”  Does it work?  It worked so well, that I decided to study the science of hypnotism in a comprehensive way, from the best teachers in the country.  By completing over three hundred fifty classroom hours, in some of the best resident schools in the country, in the field of hypnotism and hypnotherapy, I have qualified myself to the level of: Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  If you have a desire for change and you are ready for change, it can work for you.

Removal of unwanted habits is only one of the many applications of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is a growing science.  It operates in the realm of the mind and mind-body connection.  Our mind controls nearly every aspect of our lives.  Science tells us that we use only a small portion of our mind.  If it were possible for us to unlock only a small portion of your potential, what could you accomplish?


Robert Sieveking is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  He is the owner of Hypnotherapy Resolutions, at 4249 E.State St. in Rockford.  Ph: 815-226-3800.  See him on the web, at http://hypnotherapyresolutions.com/  

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